Visitor communication: visitor charters

Posted on 30.03.22

Well, we began crafting visitor charters WAY back in the 2010s…

They’re a fantastic way for progressive businesses to start a positive communication with our visitors. ‘Cos no-one likes negative communication.

We developed a template that businesses can customise themselves, and a whole series that are now in use across the UK and further afield.

So if you’re not already finding fantastic and easy ways to communicate with our visitors in our collective endeavour to be climate and nature and place and community *positive*… then now’s your chance.

Some examples below – all here to use and love and borrow and customise!

Tin Coast Visitor Charter:

Tin coast visitor charter

Fowey Visitor Charter:

Fowey Visitor Charter: link to PDF

Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Visitor Charter

CoaST AONB Visitor Charter – link to PDF

And a simple word template you can use to kick off your creativity – go for it – you’re in good company!

5 ways to be the best sort of visitor – Word template