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The Importance of Extra -vagant Thinking

Posted on 11.04.22

Whilst reading the very splendid Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake, I came across the notion of extravagance.He says:

The Latin Root of the word “extravagant” means “to wander outside or beyond”.

That’s interesting. So maybe we need MORE extravagant thinking. Thinking that takes us out of the boxes and limitations we impose on one of our greatest superpowers: our ability to imagine.

He goes on to say, about the importance of embracing ambiguity:

…it’s not always easy to be comfortable in the space created by open questions. Agoraphobia can set in. It’s tempting to hide in small rooms built from quick answers.

Time, methinks, to come out of our small rooms built from quick answers, shrunken ideas and catastrophically limited imaginations.

Time to start really thinking beyond what we know. Time to start thinking extra-vagantly.