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The Importance of Chapter 5

Posted on 11.04.22

So. The IPCC report that was finally launched on 4th April 2022 was pretty momentous, right?

Momentous because it’s probably the last IPCC report that we will publish that sets out what we must do, with just enough time to do it.

That’s a pretty momentous thought, as thoughts go.

And it’s pretty momentous because for the first time, it faces up to the fact that we have had some very strange habits when it comes to making cows sacred.

For the first time, social science and behaviour was writ large; and for the first time, we started to question the whole DEMAND “truth”.

This might turn your mind upside down. It says more fossil fuels are NOT required to move people out of poverty. And it says that people’s use of energy (ie “demand”) is NOT what is driving the fossil fuel industry. What they want is not STUFF; what they want is services. And we could deliver services to the whole world with HALF the energy we are using now. The “demand”, it turns out, is created by the fossil fuel industry itself.

Just think about that for a minute. And then have a read, or a listen, here.