Doughnut economics

Posted on 30.03.22

So Doughnut Economics is really about joining the dots.

Joining the dots between social wellbeing, and economic activity (we haven’t done such a good job of that, really, over the years …); and planetary wellbeing, and economic activity. (Hmmm. Ditto).

You can get to grips with Doughnut Economics MUCH more easily than the standard economic textbook. That’s because there is a lot in the standard economic textbook that doesn’t actually make sense. Whereas Doughnut does …

Have a look at Kate Raworth explaining it below:

And have a look at how our most progressive citizens, states and community groups are already all over this: click the logo to see the magic that’s on the Doughnut Economics (DEAL) website, and the playbook we created in Cornwall for you to kick it off where you are: