Community wealth building

Posted on 30.03.22

Also sort of does what is says on the tin. It’s a way of organising our economies so that the host community of the economic activity comes off better. Not worse.

Not that radical, then. More common sense.

It means that money and skills and community connection and confidence is built, and then able to be shared. And there are some brilliant people putting it into action … let’s see what we can learn!

CLES (The national organisation for local economies) is all over this. Have a look at their website here.

Download the 8 Basic Principles PDF here

And they’re the splendid people who helped develop the Preston Model. Wait, you haven’t heard of the Preston Model?! Well, here you go!

And in the meantime – check out Ayrshire, the first Community Wealth Building Council – gooo, Scotland!

And over the water – Richmond, Virginia in the US set up this in 2014!

We have work to do – but amazing examples to share …