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Clare and Charlie explain: The IPCC Impacts Report February 2022

Posted on 13.04.22

Yup, the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on Impacts of climate breakdown published in February 2022 is difficult to get your head round.That’s because:

1: what is says is quite shocking and we tend not to like shocking things

2: it’s written by academics (never a great start from a “would like to understand” perspective).

This one is about the impacts on people, all animal and bird life, and our planet. It’s a must read to get clear on what we’re looking at, and Clare asks Dr Charlie Gardener, an environmental conversationist from the University of Kent, what all the dry words mean. Brilliantly helpful.

You can also see how they explain the Mitigation Report from April 2022 here.

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