Circular economics

Posted on 30.03.22

Another apparently complicated concept that actually isn’t.

It simply means a type of economic activity that doesn’t trash our planet, resources and peoples.

A bit like a massive treasure chest: if you take stuff out without putting anything back in, at some point you’ll find yourself in rather hot water of the damn we’ve run out of everything variety. And if after you’ve taken the the treasure out and used them up, you throw them away as rubbish you have to then dispose of and which poisons your home – well, that’s just utter double madness.

Lots of people are using the notion of circular economy now. Or rather re-using it. It’s an old one (ask your Granny or Grandpa) and it’s a fancy name for Extreme Common Sense. So one organisation or business that figures out how to reduce its own waste, and turn it into a resource; or works with another organisation to swap things they don’t need, and puts them to good use – that’s all about the circular economy. And now we need to do that as a community.

Repair cafes, community gardens, coffee ground collection outfits that grow mushrooms on the coffee waste, lots of civic and citizen society groups, baby and parent groups that swap clothes, toys and kit; tool exchange initiatives, support groups – it’s all circular, it’s all common sense, and it’s all about being restorative, regenerative and redistribute.

And if you want to know more about that, just hope over to check out Doughnut Economics. It’s not what you think, and it’ll make your heart sing, too. Just like if you pop over to our community wealth building page. Lush. Enjoy.