text saying why our brains are wired to irgnore climate change

Are our brains wired to ignore climate change?

Posted on 25.04.22

We seem to have done a good job so far in denying what’s under our nose… but there are reasons for our apparent denial.

George Marshall has written a massively helpful, hugely readable and accessible book on this, talking to psychologists and social scientists across the world. Have a look at the book, and his talks and lectures… he runs Climate Outreach which has TONNES of useful info. It’s one of my most useful books on the shelf. Don’t miss out if you want to understand the contrary hot mess of the human psyche – and how to encourage it to get cracking on this crisis!

picture of book called why our brains are wried to ignore climate change

Have a look at what other fantastic emerging knowledge there is about the psychology of change and how understanding it really really helps …